Everhot cookers arrive online

The world famous Everhot range cookers are now added to our website, FireplaceProducts.co.uk.

Environmentally friendly, beautifully designed an able to heat your room, Everhot offer you the traditional way of cooking with a modern touch.

The Everhot range cookers run on a 13 amp supply and therefore do not require a flue or concrete base, making installation easy – there’s even no need for an electrician as the cookers come pre-fitted with a plug.

In terms of installation, once you place the order with us, Everhot will deliver and put the cooker in situ, plug it in and give you a quick demonstration.

Everhot cookers provide background heat in your kitchen and can be controlled during warmer months through an ECO mode. The economy leader among heat storage ranges, the smallest Everhot cooker consumes 85KWH per week at recommended temperatures.

Through being trickle fed and happily to run alongside solar, wind or water generated electricity, the Everhot is incredibly environmentally friendly.

We’re very excited to have these products now online, so please take a look at our great range of products and get in touch for prices for supply within Essex.

See the Everhot 90i in action in our video below:

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