Ekol Stoves: cleaner air, cleaner conscience

Ekol inset stove in red.Ekol stoves are designed from the ground up to be efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly. Equally at home in the city or countryside, all Ekol stoves can be used to burn wood in any area of the UK.  Each and every model is ultra clean burning, and is officially recognised by DEFRA as exempt. Burning upwards of 8 times cleaner than the required standard for smoke control areas.

Timeless technology

Designed and developed in Dorset, England, the Ekol range of multi fuel stoves is the result of many thousands of hours of design and refinement, research and development to create some of the best ranges of stove in existence, each hand-crafted by the most skilled work-men in the UK. Each of these boast an advanced clear-glass airwash system, in which a current of air is direct down over the interior surface of the ceramic glass window keeping clean, clear and soot-free for the ultimate viewing experience.



Endless Innovation

Optional mirrored glass is available to make the views even more dazzling. When the stove is not alight the ceramic glass acts as a mirror to your interior. Then later when lit the flames shine through the glass and light up the room. As if this wasn’t enough, Ekol continued to innovate and created the first ever DEFRA approved double sided stove. Next they launched a range of boiler stoves, also DEFRA approved, taking heating to the next level.



Ekol have developed a range of ‘Crystal’ Cast Iron models as well as the hybrid ‘Clarity’ range. Ekol have utilised an optimised choice of cast iron components along with precision engineered heavy gauge steel and refractory firebrick linings. Each shares the same advanced cleanburn technology. Available in 5, 8 and 12kW sizes, each model has a broad range of efficient operating outputs. The Crystal and Clarity 5 are rare that they are capable of being installed into a standard  UK fireplace opening.

Ekol Clarity Double sided Logstore

The Future

New for 2017: Ekol have introduced their most adaptive range yet: The Adept. The Adept is a firebox like no other, firstly it can be installed in an almost endless variety of ways. There are countless leg options, pedestal options, you can suspend the adept from a curved plinth, mount it on the wall, make it an inset stove on a hearth or cassette stove in your wall. This stove is ready to become your own piece of bespoke fire engineering, with dual layer convection technology the adept has a lower clearance to walls than most (30mm) allowing for the tightest of fits.

The coup de grace, however, is the optional biofire inset, allowing you to burn either wood or eco-friendly bio-ethanol at a moment’s notice! Bio-ethanol burns at near 100% efficiency, producing only carbon dioxide and water as waste products, and is sustainably produced. Certainly the greenest fire fuel there is, making for cleaner air and cleaner conscience. This truly is the chameleon of the stove world, blending in to every setting and situation according to the whim of the owner. 


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