Boost the draught in your chimney

The Draftbooster draws air up the chimney, helping your stove burn at its best.

Here at Fireplace Products we like to keep you informed with the latest in fireplace and stove technology, and we were very impressed when we spotted a new product from Exodraft designed to help improve the chimney draught. Reece Toscani gives you the latest:

Smoke billowing into your room when you open your stove’s door to load wood ruins the experience of having a fire. A limp, struggling flame burning inefficiently can leave you unsatisfied, cold and having to constantly clean the stove’s glass.


If this sounds like something you have to deal with on a regular basis, then you may be interested in a brand new product from Exodraft. The Draftbooster is a fan for your chimney, providing you with the necessary draught to light your stove and keep smoke and noxious gases moving up and out of your chimney.

DraftboosterWhat’s more, the Draftbooster is remote controlled, and plugs straight into a normal plug socket, which makes installation and activating the device very simple.

The Draftbooster sits on top of the chimney and, once switched on, sucks air up the chimney with its powerful fan.

Needless to say, it is important you are burning the correct, dry and seasoned fuel in the first instance. It is also worth reading our blog on preparing your chimney to see if this rectifies your issues.

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