Coming soon: Blue flames and Green fires

Each year some of the fireplace industry’s leading stove manufacturers open their doors to retailers, showing what new and exciting items they’re bringing to the market in the coming months. On July 27, Stovax & Gazco invited Fireplace ProductsReece Toscani to their showroom in Exeter to take a look…

The future, according to Stovax & Gazco, is versatile, stylish, unique and Green. As the stove industry powers along in exciting new directions, I’m always intrigued to see what is just around the corner. Luckily, Sotvax & Gazco gave me a glimpse, and I’m excited by what I saw.

Unico 12 – Double sided cassette

Stovax & Gazco’s latest addition to their collection from the Lotus Brand comes the Unico Cassette Fires range. Innovative in design, these fireplaces can be built into a corner or the end of a wall to create a two or three sided fireplace. Gorgeous in its simplicity, this unique inset fire range shows that fireplaces remain as current and integral to the design and aesthetic appeal of a room, as much as it ever has.

As more consumers show an increased concern for green issues, including the emissions released by their fireplace, there is no doubt that the fireplace industry has adapted to meet and improve this. Stovax’s new Elise range goes above and beyond 2022 Eco-design requirements and is way ahead of mandatory EU Particulate emissions levels. This ultra-green fireplace shows how the industry has valiantly turned what was commonly considered an environmentally-unfriendly product into something that’s probably cleaner than most cars on the road.

The Radiance Electric Fire

The futuristic Radiance Electric Fire range proves how modern the humble fireplace has become. Boasting a 3D form, this fireplace can be enjoyed from all angles. I was mesmerised by the LED flame effect and enjoyed the ‘blue flame’ option, which can replace the traditional orange flame at the touch of a button. The contemporary atmosphere created by simply changing the colour of the flame really got people thinking about the design aspects this fireplace could be combined with.

Unfortunately, the day came to an end but I left feeling inspired and excited by Stovax & Gazco’s new ranges. Fireplace Products will of course be stocking all the ranges I saw, and more, so feel free to shop online or pop into our showroom for a chat.

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