The benefits of a chimney liner


Whilst not mandatory under current building regulations it is increasingly necessary to fit a chimney liner when you come to install a stove. Fireplace Product’s Reece Toscani explains why.

When it comes to installing a stove or fire into your home, safety should be at the forefront of your mind. Every stove that we sell meets stringent safety levels, and we take every care to provide only the best quality products, but fire still is fire, and sometimes it can be dangerous.

Sometimes the biggest risk to health isn’t necessarily the flames, but the smoke. Seeing as smoke is typically drawn through a chimney, you will want to make sure it is as sound as it can possibly be. This can be checked through a smoke test procedure, and if all is well, then you could potentially leave it at that. However the number of good reasons to line your chimney exceed the reasons not to.

chimney liner flue roofMany stoves work best when connected to a chimney liner. For example if a flue pipe exiting a stove is 5” and goes into a 9”x9” chimney, the smoke leaving the stove will slow dramatically the moment it enters the chimney. This means smoke wont leave the chimney, and nobody wants smoke lingering around. The larger space will also make it harder to warm up, which will make it harder to shift a pocket of cold air, which causes a multitude of draught issues. Find out how to rectify those here.

If said flue went into a liner then the smoke will continue to be carried through the chimney space and out very quickly.

It is possible the bricks have become damaged or porous, which can leak carbon monoxide and smoke into the rooms through which the chimney passes, especially if the chimney was built many years ago. Also, bricks may jut out into the chimney space, causing heat-stealing voids which are cold patches. Any smoke passing up through it will pass through these voids will cool and linger. When smoke slows it deposits tar and creosote, which can cause a chimney fire if not swept away regularly.

A liner contains everything within a smooth metal cylinder that keeps the smoke moving.

Line your chimney as a matter of safety and to get the most out of your stove. Buy yours today.

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