Prolong the life of your chimenea

Summer is approaching and we’re just champing at the bit to dust of the chimenea and start making the most of the warm weather. However the Great British weather is often temperamental at the best of times and so by utilising good chimenea maintenance throughout for the whole season, you can rest assured your chimenea will last for many years to come.

Fireplace Product’s Reece Toscani lists a few pointers for chimenea maintenance:

gardeco-pvc-raincoverBuy a raincover

Raincovers and coats start from as little as £6.99. They range from PVC covers through to fitted materials coats made specifically for your chimenea. However they all serve the purpose of preventing water getting to the chimenea. Water causes rust, or the clay to crack. It also stops water pooling in the bottom of your chimenea, spoiling your fun the next time you go to use it.

Store in a cool, dry place

Store your chimenea in a place where it won’t be in direct contact with sunshine, wind or rain. A shed is best.

Touch-up paint

Should the worst happen and some rust sets in, catch it quick and cure it with some paint. We sell a range of heat resistant chimenea paint, including Gardeco’s black spray paint and La Hacienda’s heat resistant bronze spray paint.

Burn dry wood

Damp, unseasoned wood contains moisture that will never fully leave your chimenea. This will cause untold damage to the inside of your chimenea.

Seal your clay chimenea

Boost your chimenea’s water resistance and protect it from frost. We recommend the easy to apply La Hacienda’s clay chimenea chimseal sealer. It will offer total protection for chimeneas; but be warned, it will require care and attention.

Fill in the cracks

Sadly, if a crack appears in your clay chimenea, you know your chimenea’s days are numbered. To survive until the end of a season, Gardeco Clay Chimenea Chim Filler will fill in the cracks.

la-hacienda-lava-rocksLava rocks

Many chimeneas come with the recommendation to use Lava Rocks in the bottom. These rocks help prevent thermal shock. Thermal shock causes cracking. So Lava Rocks prevent the hottest part of the fire from touching the clay.

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