How to stop losing money up your chimney

As any open fire user will tell you, having a chimney can be expensive. Open fires are perfect if only used in a decorative capacity, perhaps once or twice throughout the year or at Christmas, more for the hyggelig effect than for actual heat.

One main problem that arises from this is that the chimney is left open, causing up to 350,400 cubic metres of air a year to fly up and out. That air draws your home’s warmth, meaning you have to pay more on your heating bills to simply maintain a comfortable temperature.

The solution is simpler than you think. A chimney umbrella – called a Chimella – looks like an inverted umbrella that can be inserted up the chimney and removed whenever it’s needed.

Chimella chimney umbrella

The Chimella prevents debris, rainwater and chimney-dwelling critters from falling down into your room. It will save, on average, £200 per chimney per year. Think about that for a second. You will get your money back within four months.

Accidents happen, and should you start a fire without removing the Chimella, it’ll simply burn off and open your chimney up for smoke and gases to escape.

This innovative item is a perfect example of the ingenuity that drives the stove and fireplace industry forward. Fireplace Products is a very proud stockist of the Chimella chimney umbrella.

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