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victorian-small-combination-fireplaceCarron are modern heating specialists based in Lincolnshire. They create high quality cast-iron stoves and fireplaces, tiles and surrounds and many other products besides. Carron stoves and fireplaces are high-end pieces, hand crafted from only the best materials into elegant show-stopping centre-pieces.

Their selection of stoves is notable for its range of colour enamel finishes, eleven distinct and eye-catching colours to personalise your stove to your interior and your tastes. Colours available include: Red, Blue, Cream, Pebble, China Blue, Sage Green, Ash Grey, Egg Plant, Green, Black and the standard non-enamelled gun-metal matt black version.

Visionary engineering

matt-black-4-7kw-setting-1Carron stove 4kW matte blackCarron were among the first to offer DEFRA approved stoves with colour enamel finishes, taking the entire stove industry in a new direction. DEFRA is the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and their approval on a given stove grants permission to burn wood inside smoke control zones. Check to see whether or not you require a DEFRA approved stove or not at: The emissions profile of a stove is what decides DEFRA approval; under a certain threshold DEFRA grants approval, therefore, DEFRA approval is a mark of efficiency and environmental neutrality.

There are four Carron stove models offering a good choice of design. The Carron 4.7 offers 4.7kW of heat, great for a smaller room, meaning you will not need any additional air ventilation. The next model up is the Carron 7.3 which looks similar to its smaller sibling, offering a greater heat output. Then we come to the Dante which is a small round stove offering 5kW’s. Lastly we come to the newest member of the Carron Stove family the Carron 11. This stove provides a generous 11kW heat output and has a pair of double doors.
Each model is available in any enamel colour. What’s more, both the Carron 4.7 and 7.3 can come also come with a built-in logstore underneath.



Styles in every period

Carron fireplaces are pieces of art in their own right. They have faithfully recreated cast iron combination fireplaces in various architectural styles:

The Gothic style enjoys stark patterning and austere lines and edges, dominating Europe for centuries, pieces in this style emphasize verticality, using arches and columns to accentuate height. Unadorned symmetry and a sort of understated minimalism characterises the Georgian period pieces . Drawing inspiration from the classical period and the renaissance, these Georgian pieces highly refined, offering a muted form of beauty.

The Victorian pieces hark back to the 19th century, characterised by indulgent ornament, utilizing rich patterning to suggest opulence. The Art Nouveau pieces herald from the early 20th century, beginning life as a reaction against the more stringent styles of the 19th century, choosing instead to evoke natural forms with curved lines and stark contrasts and reliefs.

Some light relief


All Carron cast-iron combination fireplaces are available in a range of finishes. First they coat the piece in a high quality iron paste to bestow character and add a sense of history, then they are buffed to varying degrees. Some remain black, others are detailed by buffing the raised patterns to a high sheen, creating an effective contrast. Completely polishing the fireplace to a high metallic sheen creates a dazzling piece that showcases and frames the fire perfectly. Many of these are available with tile inserts that add an artistic flourish to an already stunning centre-piece.

2 thoughts on “Carron at your convenience

  1. Cream enamel stove will only get to 200c with both vents open .
    When installed and for last 3 years it’s got to 300c and had to close it down to stop it overheating, it’s regularly swept and only kiln dry wood is used ????

    1. Hi Dave, when you say 200C and 300c is that reading coming from a flue pipe thermometer? If so, it is important to remember these gadgets are measuring the flue temperature and not the stove output. Infact the hotter the flue gases sometime can mean the more emissions the stove is producing, as it is the unburnt fuel in the smoke that raises the temperature. Some stoves, like Burley for example with their mesh filter in the stove before the chimney are so clean burning that these thermometers give false readings. Back to your stove. The Carron models are multifuel, so they have a grate in them and an air supply from under the fuel bed. Try and keep a bed of ask on the grate if you are only burning wood, as this will help insulate the base, and force the air around the grate up into the fuel, rather than from underneath. Also make sure the top air supply is open as this provides your airwash and air supply for wood. If your burning kiln dried wood then that is a good thing, have you changed provider? You can get different types of kiln dried wood that can burn at different temperatures and for longer/shorter periods. in our experience Ash is perhaps one of the better kiln dried woods available giving both heat and long burns. So get your fire established and make sure you are burning the suggested quantity of fuel per hour as per the instructions (running larger stoves at lower outputs does not always work, and can result in the lower performance) and hopefully this will get you back to temperature. Thanks Reece – Fireplace Products

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