Can I cook on a wood burning stove?

How to cook on a wood burning stove

Cooking on a wood burning stove

A wood burning stove is great for cooking on. Some people are concerned it may get damaged as a result but if you follow this guide you will be fine.

Ensure you are only using the flat surface of the stove. It sounds obvious but only put your pots and pans on a flat surface. Also if your stove is clad in natural stone you will find it hard to reach a decent cooking temperature. This is because the stone absorbs the heat to release later on.

Avoid spillages. If you have a cast iron stove, water is the enemy. Do your best to keep your stove from coming into contact the water, such as using trivets, to prevent water eating into the metal.

Try to plan ahead if you know you are going to use your wood burning stove to cook. Putting a cold saucepan of water on a hot stove can cause the metal to suddenly contract, damaging the stove’s surface. Instead, put the pot on the stove before you light it, so it warms up with the stove.

Cooking on top of a stove is a very slow process, and you could find yourself disappointed and hungry if you’re waiting to boil something. People leave humidifier kettles on top of stoves for hours and the water never boils, so you’d run the risk of over firing your stove as you try to get the heat up as high as you can.

Instead, use your stove’s firebox to cook. Wait for the flames to die down and use the embers to cook on or in. A potato wrapped in tin foil and placed among the embers turns into a delicious baked potato in no time and a grill simply brings the barbecue indoors.

This is the easiest way to cook using a wood burning stove, which would be useful if you suffer a power cut, perhaps as a one off. However, if you live in an area that frequently suffers power cuts then we advise looking into a wood burning cooker.

These cookers utilise the heat of a fire more efficiently than a wood burner, allowing you to cook as normal, with an oven and hob.

In conclusion, it is possible to use your wood burning stove to cook but you have to be prepared to be patient, and perhaps accidentally burn a couple of things as you learn how to handle the fire.

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