New twist on an old favourite – Burley Ambience doesn’t need a chimney to be efficient

burley ambience

The Burley Ambience flueless gas stove looks every part the classic stove, yet avoids the mess and inefficiency often associated with flued fires.

Designed to operate without a flue or a chimney, the Burley Ambience saves money on energy bills as heat is pushed into the room – not up a chimney, making it 100% efficient.

Burley has a fine reputation for quality products, and this is reflected in this handsome cast aluminium freestanding gas stove. This stove has all the classic good looks and homeliness of a traditional wood burning stove without the cost, inefficiency or mess. Available in natural gas or LPG, the Ambience 4121 has a realistic log effect, and traditional style with glass fronted door allowing you to place this freestanding flueless gas stove anywhere.

Catch all the best features in Reece Toscani’s Quick-Fire Report video.

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