AGA: more than a name, more than a cooker

AGA Stoves Dorrington

The brand AGA is synonymous with quality products, country living and traditional stylings. In 1922  AGA invented their world famous range cooker, and it seems AGA’s innovation hasn’t stopped. Their step into room heating has allowed AGA to cement their place in the stove market.

New directions

AGA stove little wenlock classic
AGA Little Wenlock Classic

AGA took their knowledge of heating, eye for detail and skill for creating beautiful products garnered from decades of range cooker production into their stove construction and created some of the finest stoves on the market. So successful are their range cookers that people ask for an AGA before they understand that they really mean a range cooker. In an exciting move, their stoves showcase the heating brilliance in the form of a stove, with all the stylistic integrity that you would expect from AGA.

AGA has divided their stove ranges into a selection of two – traditional and contemporary.

Within the traditional range, AGA has three families and a single model. Wenlock, Stretton and Ludlow,  and a lone model, the Wren, joining them. Typically, these stoves are four-legged and with an expansive window affording you unrivaled views of your fire. They are also designed to fit into standard fireplaces and rustic interiors.

The contemporary AGA stoves are generally taller or longer, providing a more portrait or landscape view of the flames. These stoves have concealed handles and enjoy clean lines.

However, both contemporary and traditional stoves share AGA’s innovative Active Airwash System, which maintains a clean viewing window and helps to improve the efficiency of the stove, they also pull air from beneath the bed of fuel which creates the perfect conditions for burning smokeless coal or wood.

Putting the environment first

Highlighting AGA’s commitment to driving down emissions. DEFRA have approved many AGA stoves are to burn wood in Smoke Control Areas.

For many older brands it can be tough to stay relevant in today’s fast moving stove market. However, AGA have moved with the times. Not only are they key players in the home heating industry, they have produced some of the finest, most accessible stoves on the market, which only adds to AGA’s reputation as a world-class brand.

(Featured image above: AGA Dorrington)

AGA Stoves Hanwood
AGA Hanwood

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