Our blog is one year old!

Our blog is now a precocious toddler!

One year ago we launched this blog and haven’t looked back since. It’s been a roller-coaster ride – we’ve dished out advice, announced exciting new products and events and even won a silver digital award.

reece and joe blog award
We won a silver digital award for this blog

One of the things people ask when we tell them about our blog is ‘how do you find enough stuff to talk about?’ and sure, posting twice a week for almost an entire year can throw up a few challenges, but we’re lucky. The industry within which we reside is so vast and ever-changing and fire itself is so historically, environmentally and even perhaps socially, important that we are always inspired.

The other reason we are always inspired to create content for our blog is you, our devoted reader. I’m sure you’ve followed us on every bend and curve of this road, and for that we’re very grateful. Thank you for the follows, the likes and the comments.

Future of the blog

chopped-wood-1404508-1280x960Looking forward, this blog is going to grow into a key element within our business, Fireplace Products. Our new website is currently in its final stage of being revamped and within it. We will also have beautifully designed blog – same content, new layout. We can’t wait for you to see it.

To celebrate our first birthday (and the fact we have a whole year’s worth of stats!), here are our top five most read blog posts:

Should we ban the open fire?
How stove ecofans work – a crash course
Rocal contemporary stoves now supplied by Fireplace Products!
Top 10 bestselling stoves of 2015
How to stop smoke coming out of your stove

Thank you once again, and here’s to another year of great content!

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