The best-selling stoves of 2016

It is that time of year again where we take a glance over our shoulder at the past 12 months. It has been a whirlwind of a year, what with the launch of our new website, revamp of our blog and expansion of our team, so it has been tough to put a finger on a particular highlight. However it is always a highlight providing the UK with superb stoves.

We’ll give you a run down of the six most popular woodburners of 2016. (Why six? It has become a bit of a blog tradition.) Next, we’ll give you the best selling gas, cassette, inset, double-sided, corner and central stoves sold by Fireplace Products.

Best-Selling Wood Burners of 2016

6. Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5

The Aarrow Ecoburn 5 plus multifuel stove is visually engaging and efficient, boasting a Flexifuel system that allows for flexibility in the choice of fuel, and cleanburn and airwash systems meaning this stove an ideal addition to any medium sized room.

5. Heta Inspire 45

The Heta Inspire 45 Multifuel Stove is a modest portrait stove. Reliable and consistent, the Inspire 45 emits a cosy 6.5kW output and the multifuel system allows you to burn a choice of wood or smokeless fuels. This is an attractive and cosy solution to those cold winter nights. (Pictured as the main image above).

4. Villager Chelsea Solo

With its advanced airwash system and clean simple design, the Villager Chelsea Solo multifuel stove is a dependable favourite amongst the Villager range. This single door version offers a more modern appearance amongst the traditional design and the large controls provide easy control over the air flow, allowing you to enjoy your fire exactly how you like it.

3. ACR Rowandale Multifuel

The ACR Rowandale is traditional in style yet equipped with the latest in stove technology. A large panoramic door and powerful airwash system ensures a clear and unobstructed view of the flames. The Rowandale is available in a choice of colours including enamels. DEFRA approved and equipped with the multifuel system affording you a high degree of control over your fire. A ten-year warranty is included.

2. Stovax Stockton 5

The Stovax Stockton 5 multifuel stove adds a squarer element to your room, with the additional width allowing a landscape view of the burning fuel within. Choose from four colours and a flat top or canopy. The multifuel option has an external riddling and ash pan.

1. Flavel Arundel

The Flavel Arundel multifuel stove is freestanding and contemporary, yet retains some traditional design features. The large glass window offers an unmatched viewing experience, and simple primary and secondary air controls puts you squarely in control of your stove experience.

And now here is a list of our best selling stoves in other categories.

Best-Selling Gas Stove

Burley Ambience

The Burley Ambience 4121 flueless gas stove is an attractive looking cast aluminium flueless gas stove that has all the classic good looks and homeliness of a traditional wood burning stove without the cost, inefficiency or mess. Available in natural gas or LPG, the Ambience 4121 has a realistic log effect, and traditional style with glass fronted door allowing you to place this freestanding flueless gas stove anywhere.

 Best-Selling Cassette Stove

Riva Studio 1 Cassette Stove

The Riva Studio 1 wood burning cassette stove is designed to be placed into a standard fireplace or hearth. Offering stunning views through an expansive front ceramic glass panel, which is kept deposit free by the state of the art airwash system, the Studio 500 is sure to become a focal point of any room you place it in. A freestanding model of the Studio 1 is also available.

Best-Selling Inset Stove

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 inset

The Aarrow Ecoburn 5 plus multifuel inset stove is both visually engaging and efficient. More extensive viewing glass means that this stove will create a pleasing aesthetic in any medium sized room, and will fit neatly into any standard British Fireplace. The Flexifuel system allows greater flexibility in choice of fuel to burn and the Flexigrate system ensures high efficiency.

Best-Selling Double-Sided Stove

Kratki Koza K8 Double Sided

Elegant and modern, the Koza K8 wood burning double sided stove from Kratki is a great solution for those cold winter nights. The Koza 8 offers a considerable 9kW heat output, while also providing a unmatched and panoramic flame picture through an expansive ceramic glass front and back, kept clean and deposit free by the state of the art airwash system.

Best-Selling Corner Stove

Bronpi Altea 

Designed for corner spaces, this small yet mighty stove packs a punch. The Bronpi Altea corner wood burning stove boasts 8kW of output, the Cleanburn system boosts efficiency, while the Airwash system keeps the glass deposit free, so you can enjoy the view of your beautiful fire unobstructed.

Best-Selling Central Stove

Rocal Gala 

With panoramic views of the fire from all sides, the central Rocal Gala is a stunning piece of fire furniture. This curved freestanding central contemporary stove is at the forefront of fireplace design and should be installed proudly in the centre of a room. The wood burning Rocal Gala stove is constructed from heavy gauge steel, supplied with a length of decorative flue cover and expertly finished in a sophisticated satin black or glossy white.

If you wish to know which stoves are the most popular at any given time, take a look at our trending stoves section.

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