Eat outside – you can’t beat it

Get out of the kitchen and into the garden this summer – cook and eat outside!

Get out of the kitchen and into the garden this summer – barbecue and eat outside!

There is nothing worse than having to step out of the glorious summer sunshine and into the kitchen to prepare food for your guests. There is a way to avoid missing out on the party – take the kitchen to the garden.

Cooking outside needn’t mean burnt food and uncertain cooking times, there are plenty of cookware and tools available to make the experience fun, exciting and delicious.

Love the lava rocks

If you’re cooking with a gas barbecue we recommend purchasing some lava rocks. These lightweight pumice stones will shoot the juices back up into the meats cooking above, giving your food a delicious smoky, barbecue taste, despite being cooked on gas.

Lava rocks also play a vital part in protecting your clay chimenea from the intense heat of the fire, meaning it will help extend the life of your chimenea.


Cook with a chimenea

A chimenea is more than an outdoor fire – it can be a great way to cook your meal. Use the fire to cook over like a barbecue, or employ the use of a chimenea cast iron cooking pot. This peculiar shaped pot is designed to sit in the chimney of the chimenea. You’ll fall in love with this rustic way of cooking.


Dutch oven in the English country garden

A large cast iron cooking pot put into the hot coals with the fire on top will give your food a distinct, delicious taste. This way of cooking goes back centuries and is a great way to utilise some of the hottest parts of the fire. We recommend you use a fire pit to give you enough space for the pot, or two.


Rustic, back to basics cooking

Feel like you’re going camping with a tripod fire bowl with a barbecue grill. We love these fire bowls, they look every bit the traditional, back-to-basics wilderness cooking in your back garden!


Cooking with pizza ovens is a piece-a-cake

You’ll never want to eat inside again once you get your hands on a pizza oven. Throw away the rule book – make pizza from scratch, cook until cooked and eat until you’re full. Pizzas can be cooked within minutes and come out of the pizza oven with a delicious smoky taste that you won’t ever get from a pizza in a box.


Sauce a grate Barbecue (sorry these puns are losing their spark)

We can’t have one of these lists without bringing in the good old barbecue. Barbecues have come on a lot in recent years and we sell a wide selection. Choose from a traditional charcoal barbecue or a 6-ring gas barbecue, portable LPG gas barbecues or a fixed masonry barbecue. Creating a centrepiece for your garden, subject for conversation and a perfect spot to gather round, a barbecue is a must have for any garden.


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