The Arada Armada: Britain’s best stoves

Based in rural Devon, Arada is one of the UK’s leading stove brands, and they have remained at the forefront of their market for over thirty years (and counting). In this blog post, we take a look at what makes Arada so ahead of the game.

Arada contryside

Innovation and adaptability

First and foremost, the strength of the Arada empire lies in innovation and adaptability. Villager, Stratford and Aarrow are three separate brands that comprise the Arada group. Each are renowned worldwide for their ability to consistently raise the bar in terms of design and engineering. These stoves are made from locally sourced materials, and then manufactured with care and precision right here in the UK:

The Arada Flexifuel grate

The pièce de résistance for Arada is the patented ‘flexifuel grate’. This multifuel grate has a unique contoured design allowing you to burn either wood or smokeless coal. Air is able to access the fuel from underneath – perfect for burning solid fuel – yet still retaining a bed of ash in the centre – perfect for burning wood! The raised sides cause unburned fuel to fall down into the centre for a maximally efficient burn. All multifuel stoves from Arada feature this state-of-the-art grate.

flexifuel grate Arada

Green Credentials

Arada is also unique among stove manufacturers in that they are environmentally conscious. July 2016 was the hottest month ever recorded since records began 136 years ago, and as climate change continues to make its presence felt with increasing force, the importance of brands like Arada’s Aarrow prioritising clean burning technology can hardly be overstated.

In 2005 Aarrow launched their range of Ecoburn stoves, which incorporate clean-burn technology to ensure the full combustion of fuel with lower particulate emissions. Many of their stoves have DEFRA approval to burn wood within smoke control zones, which is essentially a mark of efficiency and environmental neutrality.

Burning wood is considered carbon neutral. This means that whenArada carbon cycle
wood is burned there is no net release of carbon dioxide (a significant greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere. This is because trees grow by fixing carbon dioxide, taken from the air itself, into sugars through photosynthesis, and when the wood is later burned it releases this carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, thus there is no net gain. This sits in stark contrast to burning fossil fuels like oil or coal, which release vast quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that would have otherwise stayed in the ground, where they cannot contribute to the acceleration of climate change.

Now despite Arada’s  emphasis on environmental responsibility the state-of-the-art flexigrate does you to burn coal. However, there are many new forms of coal that are not nearly as bad as their traditional predecessor. Smokeless coal is 20% lower in carbon dioxide emissions and almost 100% lower in particulate emissions, hence why it is ‘smokeless’. Besides, the evidence shows that despite stove buyers demand for stoves that have multifuel capabilities, the vast majority choose to burn wood anyway, making the greener choice.

arada stoves, timeless classics, contemporary living, hardworking heating range

Many brands, distinct qualities

The four constituent brands, Aarrow Stoves, Villager Stoves, Hamlet Stoves and Stratford Boiler Stoves, have unique and distinct qualities. Villager stoves are the ‘timeless classics’, embodying traditional design aesthetics, perfect for a cottage or a rustic country home. The Aarrow range is known as the ‘contemporary living’ models, clean-cut lines and expansive viewing windows emphasise the beauty of the fire. This is ideal for larger modern interiors. Last but not least, Stratford are under the banner of ‘hardworking heating’. These are boiler stoves,  providing an alternative to traditional central heating systems, or working alongside them. The Stratford allows you to live partially or entirely off the heating grid!

In conclusion, Arada is the best of British. Quality engineering meets progressive design, all with a view to maintaining our fragile environment; heating our homes and our hearts on those dreary winter nights. Arada, we salute you!

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