ACR: stoves made simple

ACR heating are a British company that makes every style of stove, be they wood burning or multifuel, traditional or modern, large or small. Each stove is designed from the floor up with the modern homeowner in mind and come with large ceramic glass windows that offer spectacular views of the flames.

Make no mistake, ACR stoves are much more than just a pretty face, these stunning centre-pieces are packed full of the latest in stove technology, including the powerful air-wash system that keeps the glass panel clean and crystal clear. Also featuring the cleanburn system, which bolsters efficiency, allows you to get the most out of your fuel, plus simple-to-use air controls will put you in the driving seat.

ACR have two main stove ranges, the so-called ‘Woods’ and the ‘Dales’. The woods, like the Astwood, the Hopwood, and the Earlswood are made from high gauge stainless steel. Stainless steel is known for its durability and strength, stoves made from it are potentially very long-lasting and sturdier than most others and transmit the heat of the fire readily, perfect for those who want instant warmth and don’t want to wait around for their stove to get up to heat.

ACR elmdale wood burning stoveThe ‘Dales’ are made of cast-iron. Cast-iron is well known for its heat retentive properties. It absorbs and emits the warmth of a fire over a more prolonged period, giving you the best fuel efficiency. ACR stoves are manufactured from one or the other of these high quality materials, or a hybrid of both, giving you the best of both worlds.

ACR have a firm commitment to the environment, and put careful consideration into being AGAP (As Green As Possible). Burning wood is the greenest form of heating, returning as much CO2 into the air as the tree had absorbed. As ACR said: ‘burning wood is like living off the interest of the Earth’s assets, instead of spending its savings’. Or as Mufasa also said in the Lion King: ‘It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all’. Therefore, most ACR stoves have DEFRA approval and can burn wood inside smoke control zones.

DEFRA is the department for environment, food and rural affairs. Their approval means you are allowed burn wood in smoke control zones. Check to see whether or not you require a DEFRA approved stove or not at: DEFRA approval is decided on the emissions profile of a stove; under a certain threshold DEFRA approval is granted, therefore, DEFRA approval is a mark of efficiency and environmental neutrality.

ACR brings a quarter of a century’s worth of experience to bear on the design and production of their stoves.  Plus a ten year warranty on every stove proves that they have the highest confidence in what they make. An ACR stove will revolutionize your home and your life and transform a house into a home.

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