Christmas traditions around the fire

Christmas is around the corner and it’s almost the time when people start wheeling out the traditions passed down through the decades, like talking about a Yule log.

However many of us follow traditions without really knowing why we do them. For example, why on earth do we douse a perfectly good pudding with perfectly good alcohol and set fire to the whole lot? Why do we haul a full blown tree into the house and adorn it with tacky plastic balls? Likewise, why do people hang a poisonous plant in the house and insist on snogging people under it? Who knows…

One such tradition is the burning of a yule log (no, not the chocolate variety). Well, fear not dear reader, for Fireplace Products is here to add some clarity.

The burning of the yule log comes from Scandinavia’s Winter Solstice Festival, dating back to, and before, medieval times.

fireplace-1199490-1279x1923An entire tree would be carefully chosen, cut down, decorated and bought into the house. The large end of the tree would be put on the hearth and lit with the remains of the previous year’s Yule Log.

Throughout the Twelve Days of Christmas, the tree would be fed into the fire. It was said that burning a Yule Log brings good luck for the year ahead, and symbolic of keeping the stable warm for the infant Christ.

So to spread some Christmas cheer, and help keep everyone’s stable warm, we’ll giving a bag of complimentary kiln dried wood with every solid fuel burner all the way up until Christmas.

What’s more, you’ll receive a code to get 10% off a 1m crate for EVA Kiln Dried Hardwood. Merry Christmas!

Why do people set fire to christmas puddings-

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