Make summer 2016 memorable

Summer. We look forward to it but it seems to escape all too soon. One minute we’re dreaming of scorching beach weather, the next, your car won’t start and you’re late for works after scrapping ice off the windscreen. Where does it go? Well, to ensure that you make the most of summer this year we present to you five great ideas that will make Summer 2016 perfect.

gardeco20toasting20iron#5 – Learn to cook with cast-iron utensils on an open fire:

Impressive and delicious, these cooking tools work brilliantly in an open fire or barbecue situation. Try the Gardeco cast iron toastie iron, basic cooking iron and chimenea cast iron cooking pot.

#4 – Enjoy a starry summer’s night around a campfire:

A clear evening, the crackle of burning wood and fine company, you can’t beat it. A firepit will give you the same effect as a campfire but without the scorched earth afterwards. Check out the Rais Ra Firepit – stunning.


#3 – Barbecue on the beach:

Relaxing on a beach can be hard work, so make sure you make time for a barbecue to refuel! Portable gas barbecues really help you cook great dishes in remote locations, and by being able to cook on the beach you don’t waste valuable time away from the water – surf’s up! We recommend the Calor Mini LPG Gas BBQ.


#2 – Make pizza from scratch:

Pizza is so easy and fun to make that you and your friends will quickly become experts. A pizza oven is the best way to cook pizza, giving it that delicious smoky flavour, and warming you while you dine al fresco. The Alfa Pizza Ciao metal pizza ovens look beautiful and cook perfect pizza.


#1 – Party outside all night long:

It may begin as a garden party in the afternoon, but with the correct outdoor heating and lighting in place, you’ll be able to keep going until the warm summer sun begins to rise again. Our range of outdoor torches and tabletop bio-fires will not only warm your guests, it’ll help you create the ideal atmosphere for a memorable night.


Have you got any more tips and ideas to try this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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