Christmas gift ideas every stove owner will LOVE

Christmas is just around the corner and serves as a great opportunity to spruce up your fireplace and stock up on the latest stove gadgets. If you’re at a loss as to what gift to buy your stove-owning loved one, fear not, here are our favourite present-worthy items that will make any stove owner’s Christmas perfect.

A log basket

Stoves need a constant supply of wood, and you will never fully appreciate a decent log basket until you have hauled armfuls of spikey, cobwebby and cumbersome logs from the cold outside. A log basket adds a degree of sophistication to proceedings and allows you to store the logs in your home in a much tidier fashion.

Recommended: Manor 0387 Colne Willow Log Basket


Log holder

If a log basket isn’t enough for your stove-owner’s log-storage needs, then perhaps a log holder is up to the job. Stacking the logs and offering space for kindling, this log holder will be aesthetically pleasing as well as handy!

Recommended: Manor 0376 Nordic Black Log Holder


Ash bucket

Without the correct equipment, emptying a stove’s ash pan can be a very messy task. A solid ash bucket with a lid can stop a lot of cleaning up after the task. However, some ash buckets, while practical, are not necessary stylish as well – pick carefully!

Recommended: Manor 0349 Ash Bucket with Lid


Flue thermometer

Especially useful for the first time stove-owner, a flue thermometer can tell you how hot the fire is. This is useful for knowing if you are over-firing the stove, and can indicate when to refuel the stove, which helps fuel efficiency.

Recommended: Gallery Magnetic Flue Pipe Thermometer


Moisture meter

Wood burns best when it has 15-20% moisture, no more, no less. Too much liquid and the wood is sluggish to burn, with the flame’s energy being wasted trying to boil the water out of it. At the same time, as that water turns to steam it can dirty the ceramic glass window and create creosote build-up in the chimney. If your wood is too dry to risk creating a quick-burning, uncontrollable fire that can burn so hot it damages the inside of the stove.

But knowing how much moisture is in your wood is a bit of a guess, unless you’re a seasoned wood-burner or armed with a moisture meter. Simply stab the pins into the wood and hey-presto, you know how much moisture is in the wood.

Recommended: Manor 3280 Digital Moisture Meter


A companion set

Companion sets are always handy, and are often rigorously used. There is always a need to replace companion sets, especially when the bristles start to fall off the brush and the poker loses its point. Keep an eye out for one with a sturdy base or it’ll forever be falling over.

Recommended: Rais Tetra Wall Mounted Companion Set


Stove Ecofan

This handy gadget circulates warm air around the room by turning the heat to create an electrical charge, powering the motor. No batteries or mains power needed, the fan sits on the surface of the stove, pushing heat out into the room. This means that you don’t need to fire the stove as hard to get the heat, especially if it’s in an enclave where the heat can become trapped.

Recommended: Caframo 810 Ultrair Ecofan

caframo 810 ultrair stove ecofan


Humidifier Kettle        

Sometimes the heat from a stove and the winter winds can create a lot of dry air in your house. If this is a problem for a stove-owner, we recommend a cast-iron humidifier kettle. Simply fill the kettle up and put it on top of the stove and wait for the water to boil (a handy tip here is to add in some scented oil to create a pleasant aroma). An added extra to this is that you can still have a cuppa in the event of a power cut!

Recommended: Calfire Decorative Cast-Iron Kettle


Glass fire screen

Sometimes you need to create a barrier between the hot metal of the stove and a child or pet. However, older-style options can be opaque or mesh which obstructs the beautiful view of the dancing flames, which can spoil everyone’s enjoyment.

Recommended: Conmoto Mentas Curved Glass Firescreens


Chimney Umbrella

This is a great gift for the open fire owner. When not in use, a chimney can draw out 40 cubic meters of air every hour. This isn’t good if you’re trying to keep your house warm. A chimney umbrella can block off a chimney when it isn’t in use, saving you an average of £200 on your annual heating bill. It can also stop any creatures that may tumble down your chimney from reaching an opening and wrecking merry havoc in your house.

Recommended: Chimella


A new coal scuttle

Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like a brand new coal scuttle – just ask Bob Cratchit and Ebenezer Scrooge. Again, similar to the benefits of owning a log basket, a decent coal scuttle can keep dirty coal away from your carpet and keep your hands clean when reloading your stove.

Recommended: Calfire Plealey Coal Bucket & Shovel Set


A chimenea

Ok, so it’s not exactly stove related or Christmassy, but the chances are if your loved one is stove-mad, they’d love to be able to carry on burning things way into the summer. Surprise them with a beautiful outdoor chimenea.

Recommended: La Hacienda Skyline


If you’re still stuck for gift ideas this Christmas, view our wide selection of fireside accessories online here.

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